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What is the Korumburra Round Table (KRT)

We are a representative committee working in partnership with South Gippsland Shire Council and the Korumburra Community.

We consist of 17 community members mostly representing community groups whose primary focus is Korumburra. Our 3 Councillors and a council officer also attend the meetings.

We are a conduit of information between Council and the Korumburra Community.

We also share what happening within the groups that we represent gaining a better understanding of all that is happening in Korumburra.

Can I Join?

Applications for memberships are considered in June & December each year.  Community members are encouraged to apply with preference given to those representing other community groups or those considered most suitable for the role. Members are elected for a 2 year term after which they can reapply with a maximum of 3 consecutive terms.


We meet once a month on a Thursday evening at Coal Creek Community Park & Museum.

What are we doing 

With all the development planned for Korumburra in the coming years we are working closely with the Shire to ensure we receive in the best outcomes for the community.

The Korumburra Revitalisation Project consisting of the Community Hub and a new Streetscape for Commercial Street is a Priority Project for the Shire.

The Railway land has been chosen by the community for the new Community Hub that will be the home for Milpara Community House and the Library.

This project will rebuild the core of Korumburra and extend Commercial Street into the railway precinct and create a vital space for education, arts, community and culture.


Click Here:   The Hub vs Rail Statement from the Korumburra Round Table

Monthly Update    August 2018

Last Thursday’s meeting was dominated by discussion of a whole-of-community event which the Round Table is running at the new Borough Department Store on Wednesday the 14th of November. Basically Tamsin and the crew will be opening the store to the public that evening, with not only an interesting evening menu available, but lots of extra stalls with produce on offer from their new  wine store, local cheeses and other South Gippsland fare. We are keen for our politicians to come along and see not only what Korumburra is achieving, but how much more we are capable of, with their support. It will be a great time for you to check out plans for the new community hub up on the railway land as well as the new streetscape in our main street, as overhead screens will have pictures and information scrolling in the background, during the night. The event will be heavily advertised, so you won’t miss out. Just be sure to keep Wednesday the 14th of November free.

All of the revitalisation plans for Korumburra have been budgeted for by our local government, but state government support, as we lead into a state election, is crucial, so we expect a big turn-out of state politicians. Make sure you, our locals, turn out to celebrate Korumburra, and ask them what you want for our town.

Despite the abysmal weather last weekend, it was fantastic to drive down the main street of Korumburra on a Sunday afternoon and be unable to get a park.

Until next month,

Pee-Wee Lewis.


Monthly Update    July 2018

At last week’s meeting we welcomed two new replacements onto the Round Table: Van Bui is replacing Helena Kearns as the rep from St Joseph’s Primary, and Stuart Carson, from the executive team at Burra Foods, is replacing Glenn Falcke, who is retiring. They will both be fantastic reps on the ‘Table’ and we’re excited to have them on board.

Our meeting had a slightly different format this time around, as the Southern Rail Preservation Group requested an audience with the Round Table. We were more than happy to hear about their aim to bring back rail to the region, and we were eager for the opportunity to question them thoroughly. There isn’t the space here to elaborate on all that went on in the meeting, but we feel satisfied with what we learnt, and Southern Rail seemed to think they were given a fair hearing. Watch this space!

On other matters, it was great to hear that our new Secondary School Principal, Vaya Dauphin, is settling in well. Our secondary college rep, Sasha Boys, will be meeting with Vaya prior to each KRT meeting so that we have a continual flow of information between KSC and our Round Table. And of course, we were thrilled to discuss the opening of the fabulous Borough Department Store in our main street, and are counting down to the opening of the Burra Brewery on the 11th of August. What a great time to be living in Korumburra.

Until next month,

Pee-Wee Lewis.


Current members

Peewee Lewis – President

Robert Cosson – Vice President

Richard Oldham, Kate McDowell-Murphy, Brian Hess

John Kennedy, Sasha Boys, Tony Parisi

Bev Hall, Terry Waycott, Jenni Keerie

Noelene Cosson, Louise Rielly, Stuart Carson

Paul Rothier, Van Bui

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