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It’s time!

Last night we spent most of the meeting discussing the fresh announcement of the three possible sites for the proposed Korumburra Community Hub. These sites are: the former kindergarten site; the Birralee (former childcare) site; and the railway station yards. There are very distinct advantages and disadvantages of all three, as were voiced loudly and clearly by all of us last night, and the 17 members of the Round Table will now take what was discussed back to the groups they represent to seek their views.

But what do you think?

Bryan Sword, the Shire’s Economic Development Officer, always attends our meetings, and confirmed that council is having a 7-hour drop-in session at the Korumburra Community Meeting Rooms, on Thursday November the 9th, between 2pm and 9pm. You can talk one-on-one with a key council officer about the project. To avoid overlap, ring council and book a time. My own opinion of the best site changed several times just in the course of the meeting! So it is certainly worth listening to what everyone has to say.

If you are wanting to read information on all of the above, you can pick up hard copies from the Library, Milpara or Coal Creek, but why not try the Korumburra App! We have downloaded the entire Hub discussion paper onto a simple link that pops up as soon as you go into the app.

Bryan also provided information on another drop-in session: next Tuesday the 31st, between 2pm and 7pm, representatives from IGA, supported by council, are holding a drop-in session, again at the meeting rooms, for you to view plans and ask questions in relation to IGA’s planning permit application for its new supermarket down on the current library site. It’s proposed to be a full-line supermarket designed apparently the same as the one in Dromana. Take a look next time you are down that way!

So it’s all happening. And one thing is for sure: in five years’ time our town will look decidedly different to the way it looks now. It is up to all of us to make sure we have no regrets.

See you next month!

Pee-Wee Lewis.


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