Youth of Korumburra – Questionnaire

Korumburra Community Development And Action Inc. (K.C.D.A.)

Got a Couple of Minutes???

Do you find there’s nothing much for you and your friends to do in Korumburra after School and on Weekends?

Our K.C.D.A. Committee would like to help form a YOUTH/ACTIVITY Group for young people, in Korumburra.

This would be a place for you to relax, have fun and connect with your friends in a safe environment, with the opportunity to be involved in activities that interest you !!



 Do you want to create a regular Meeting Place, Hang Out, or Youth Space?

 The aim is to provide something that is IMPORTANT TO YOU.

 We really want to know your ideas and suggestions.

 But, most of all, we just want you to have fun!

If you can contribute &/or have suggestions, please tell us what you would like to do or have access to. it’s your town!! Simply answer a few questions and give us your honest opinions.

Make something good happen for you and your friends.



Please circle the answer that best reflects how you feel.

1) Are you interested in being involved in a Group for young people?

Yes   No   Maybe

2) Would you prefer a group that is managed by people of your own age along with a Mentor?

Yes  No  Maybe

3) Would you like a regular meeting place?

Yes   No   Maybe

4) Would you be interested in a Korumburra Youth Page on Facebook?

Yes  No  Maybe

5) How often would you like to be able to access a Youth Centre/Meeting Place?

Daily   Weekly   Monthly   Weekends

6) Would you like to take part in a regular monthly Outing?

Yes  No  Maybe

7) Would you be interested in a music event or/and Battle of the Bands type of activity? Yes –

to participate Yes – to watch No

8) Would you be interested in a skills based activity? e.g: Working with a mentor to disassemble/rebuild bicycles.

Yes  No  Maybe

9) Please tell us what types of activities you would like to have access to?

10) What types of information do you think you would like to see included at your Youth Group/Activity Centre?

11) Would you like to participate in creating your own Meeting place /environment?

Yes  No  Maybe

12) What things would you like to include in your Space?

13) Are there any other suggestions you can offer that would help us gain a better understanding of your preferences for an activity group or meeting place?

Please return this questionnaire asap
This information will be used to assist us in developing more opportunities for youth in Korumburra. Thank you!